Teacher Training

Foundation Training

Foundation Training prepares teachers to use the GrapeSEED curriculum and provides the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to effectively use the materials.

GrapeSEED Essentials

GrapeSEED Essentials is an on-demand, online training course designed to equip teachers with the basics of teaching GrapeSEED. The video-based training covers the theories and design that are foundational to GrapeSEED and ‘how to teach’ the key components of the GrapeSEED curriculum, including real classroom examples and tips from GrapeSEED Coaches.

Implementation Support
Teacher Support & Lesson Analysis

Teacher support is focused on ensuring fidelity of implementation of the GrapeSEED curriculum. Support includes coaching, co-teaching, lesson analysis, and professional learning sessions.

Teacher Professional Development & Training Site

Teachers have unlimited access to a comprehensive video library and online courses that serve as professional development resources, focused on implementing the GrapeSEED curriculum for impact. Content covers topics such as basic How to Effectively Teach modules to the Master Teacher series.