The GrapeSEED Connection

At GrapeSEED we know how important it is for your students to acquire English in a way that meets their social and emotional needs at the same time. That’s why our child centered English Acquisition Curriculum is the perfect solution!

Research tells us that children affected by trauma will begin to flourish when provided with the pillars of predictable routines, repetition, and a joyful, active learning environment. Each of these have been thoughtfully woven throughout our program.

Spiral Curriculum

Progression of Learning

Joyful, Pro-social Teaching Components

Low Affective Filter

Our Spiral Curriculum, Daily Lesson Plans and Progression of Learning allow children to gradually build upon their success with English throughout each lesson and unit of instruction, fostering independence and building student confidence.

Our teaching components include powerful methodologies like Total-Physical Response (TPR), song, conversation and repetition, giving children the tools and English language to effectively express themselves verbally and physically, and to build meaningful relationships during the school day and beyond!

Because infusing joy and maintaining a low affective-filter are at the heart of our natural language acquisition approach, GrapeSEED students are embraced with a sense of consistency, safety, and fun during each lesson.