Camp GrapeSEED 2019

In the last week of July, an amazing event took place.

It took place in the beauty of the state of Washington in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.

Participating in the event were 22 kids from five countries: China, Japan, Korea, Russia and Vietnam.

Fifteen adult chaperones from around the world were first-hand witnesses to the event.

Thousands of friends, family, teachers, school principals and myriad other supporters around the world were real-time witnesses via social media.

We’re talking, of course, about the first ever Camp GrapeSEED. A one-week, one-of-a-kind, English-immersion experience. A celebration of how GrapeSEED is transforming the future of children.

For the children selected to participate in this inaugural camp, it was an experience they will never, ever forget. An opportunity to do all kinds of fun things; an opportunity to make new friends from other countries; an opportunity to grow in the confidence gained from their English skills.

For all involved, Camp GrapeSEED was proof positive GrapeSEED works.

For the children, Camp showed they can dare to dream, and that in fact anything might be possible.

For their parents, Camp was a resounding affirmation of the investment they made for the sake of their child’s future.

And for all of us at GrapeSEED, Camp was a powerful and emotionally moving reminder of why we exist.

Team GrapeSEED

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