Technology for… what purpose?

Technology is having a profound effect on every aspect of our lives and every industry. The business of education and language learning are no exception.

Yet just because something is shiny and new does not mean it is de facto “innovative”. Nor does the mere inclusion of the latest technology suddenly make an educational process inherently superior or “cutting edge”.

We at GrapeSEED are not interested in “technology for technology’s sake”. But we are keenly interested in how technology might support the learning process; and how technology might help us reach and impact even more children in even more places.

As we work to continuously improve GrapeSEED, what role will technology play then?

In short, we see technology as an important set of tools. Tools are something to be used in support of a given task. They work for the builder, not vice versa.

The entire GrapeSEED learning experience has been carefully curated to provide optimum results. Can the learning experience be improved by the use of certain technology tools? Almost certainly, the answer is “yes”.

We choose to implement or not implement new technology using a rigorous methodology. We monitor ongoing research. And we engage in our own research studies. Many voices speak into the process.

GrapeSEED is undoubtedly something special. Yet we’re always seeking to improve what’s come to affectionately be known, to those in the know, as the “GrapeSEED Way”.

To that end, we will carefully but confidently employ every possible tool as and when appropriate to help us accomplish the task. Tools are not something to be revered, or for that matter, feared. They’re just tools.

Technology for technology’s sake? Never.

Technology for what purpose then? For the purpose of building and improving on the best possible learning experience. And to better accomplish the task of transforming the lives of educators and students.

Team GrapeSEED

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