GrapeSEED is focused on practical use of concepts, vocabulary, language functions, and meaning comprehension instead of the memorization of grammatical rules and structures.

Students learn to hear and recognize English speech— and to process and speak their thoughts—without having to first think in, and then interpret from, their native language. By making English learning meaningful and fun, GrapeSEED makes learning interesting. By teaching English in the way that children naturally learn (through continuous exposure), GrapeSEED instills motivation and quickly builds fluency.



GrapeSEED equips students with the skills necessary for complete communicative proficiency — understanding, speaking, reading, and writing.

Students start by listening to the expressions of language and associating sounds with functions. They begin to mimic sounds until they learn to reproduce them. The more students hear language functions (receptivity) and the more they use language functions (expression), the easier and faster they retrieve each language function (fluency) and communicate with known “notions” (proficiency).