GrapeSEED: A Teacher Testimonial

As an ELL educator, one of the greatest struggles I’ve had over the years is finding a comprehensive program that can support effective English language acquisition for my emergent bilingual Pre-K, kindergarten, and first-grade students who are acquiring English. Without the proper resources, the journey to better English proficiency was tedious, challenging, and overwhelming. As a teacher who has experienced this hardship firsthand, I can assure you that the GrapeSEED English program is making a massive difference in the lives of my students. The curriculum, which includes repetitive opportunities for movement, songs, chants, poems, and stories, is enriching and I have seen significant growth in my students since beginning to use the program! I only wish it had been around when I was a small child, new to the United States!

Before GrapeSEED, I had a hard time providing my students with a curriculum that could support and boost their English. I did my best to find resources and materials to work with, but it was never enough. I found it difficult to provide research-based instruction that my students needed and that was engaging and developmentally appropriate at the same time. GrapeSEED has changed the game, making it easier to create a positive, constructive learning environment for my kids. We have found that it also accommodates all types of learners, including visual, auditory, and kinesthetic, too!

I have found that GrapeSEED is not only effective and fun (for me and for my kiddos!) but it also has saved me time! Because of the daily lesson plans that are created for each lesson, I’ve been able to spend more time focusing on other essential aspects of my students’ growth and development. With this curriculum I have step-by-step instructions and guidance on how to execute the program, including how to assess progress with what are called ‘Quick Checks’, and my own specialist that I can contact anytime that I have a question. Again, all of this has left me time to focus on giving meaningful feedback, planning projects around my students’ home cultures, and providing extra support for any who may need it.

Last week, my principal told me that one of my ELL students approached him at lunch time and said “Thank you for GrapeSEED. It is my favorite” in perfect English. It made his day, and mine, too! From the mouths of babes…you can’t ask for more that that!

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